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Simple commit checking for Unity & git

Empower your team to commit with confidence


Perfect commits, every time

MetaBuddy catches common meta file problems at commit time, before they propagate across your team.

Missing meta files, forgotten assets, modified GUIDs. MetaBuddy catches them all, before they cost you time.


Built for Teams, not just Coders

MetaBuddy's clutter-free user interface helps everyone on your team to contribute with confidence.

Whether you are an Artist, Designer or Audio Engineer, MetaBuddy helps you to avoid mistakes, even when the pace picks up.


One click check, right there in Unity

MetaBuddy integrates with the Unity Editor, so it's always on hand.

Check whether your commit is good to go in just a single click.


Spend less time reviewing and more time creating

MetaBuddy catches problems at source, giving you one less thing to worry about in reviews.

Leaving you with more time build a great game.


Eliminate meta file problems and accelerate your development